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I hope readers will enjoy creating Reckless Dreaming as a movie in their mind. That is ahead of any possible theatrical production. - Nick David  Inquiries: nickdavid.nd@gmail.com. Thanks so much! 

                                                                    The Plot 

Imagine a game of Strip Chess surrounded everywhere you turn by strip the soul! Michael and Tara use everything including their wits for weapons! Meanwhile, no knowledge of chess will be needed to determine who is winning as their match progresses. Chess masters Tara, 33, and Michael, 34, stage a high stakes match in San Francisco that their chess rival fathers never got a chance to play. Michael is an intense "win at any cost" player with his own obsessions. Tara is an embattled singer and Eastern Religion buff. As a reformed alcoholic, she leaves a Buddhist monastery on a quest for enlightenment and love. Tara keeps one vital secret from Michael: She has a brain tumor which could kill her at any time! Not knowing her condition, Michael hires Destiny, a possible girlfriend who is into the occult, to play mind games on Tara. However, Destiny plans much more than just mental harm. In a class, Destiny receives a device that helps her enter other people's dreams. Then, as Destiny remarks, "What could they charge me with, reckless dreaming?"  Meanwhile, psychotic "fellow-dreamer" Dwayne pursues a Tarot card riddle which doesn't bode well for Tara! A female artist influences events in unique ways. Additional obstacles stack the deck against our heroine. More conflict brews in the subplot. It reveals that Tara, Michael, and the rest of the cast are pitted against the unscrupulous producer Wesley. It's all yours to find out if a sting causes the plot and subplot to merge into multiple twist climaxes! 


"Book reviewers often use such constructions as, In this book Proust meets Faulkner or Beckett meets Kafka etc., etc. Sometimes I find such constructions to be an irritating and cheap way to avoid doing the hard work involved in any real analysis, but often they are a fast way to transmit information and to orient the reader. So, in this new screenplay by Nick David I might say, Alfred Hitchcock meets David Lynch via Antonioni’s Blowup. Or maybe David Lynch meets Robin Williams, since the author (Nick David) acted with Robin Williams years ago, and there are several parts in Reckless Dreaming that the young Robin Williams could play to perfection, especially the Robin Williams of the searing film Seize the Day based on a Saul Bellow book.                                                    

I am traditional enough in my literary tastes to prefer a straightforward narrative and well-developed characters (as in Saul Bellow, for example). I wondered if I would find that in Reckless Dreaming, with its promise of a mysterious chess match and fate shaped by Tarot cards. Nor did I find reassuring the word “dreaming” in the title. But the narrative line is clean and clear and pushes the reader on through mystery, erotic play, humor, and a poignant but satisfying ending. The chess match is easy for the non-player to follow, and all one needs to know about Tarot cards is supplied in the text and in their wonderful reproduction in color on the back cover. I hope someday to see this screenplay in the theater, but in the meantime it is a superb piece of literature as it stands." 
- William Pemberton, History Professor & Author of 4 books on the Presidents  
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Comments from 3 Professional Script Consultants:
Paul Young's clients have included Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay as well as the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Paul wrote that "Reckless Dreaming has plausibility, substance, focus, resonance, appeal, and emotional power, which helps to create a single film with its own inner layers and complexities." - Literary & Screenplay Consultants Woodland Hills, CA
"All in all, you've succeeded in writing an interesting erotic film which has intellectual appeal." - Caroline Blair San Francisco, CA
"You have drawn a very creative visual treatment for moving into and out of dream-space and time." - Constance Richardson Mill Valley, CA   
                                                   Front Cover Photo: "Evidence" by Nick David

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